Ahad, 23 September 2012

Prudential BSN Takaful sucks:------ Case 1:- On 2008, I took up Prudential BSN Takaful medical insurance and pay a monthly premium of RM 300.00. On March 2012, I was diagnosed as having a coronary artery diseases and needs to undergo CABGS (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery) at IJN. I wanted to claim it under 36 critical illnesses as my operations was fully paid by ING taken up by my employer. To my surprise, my request was turned down because Prudential informed that I did not declare that I have a hypertension. And now, I feel that I am being cheated and not satisfied with Prudential answers and excuses due to the following reasons:- 1) Hypertension is only one of the many reasons for heart diseases. It is not a sole contributor. What I am claiming is 36 critical illnesses (Coronary artery diseases requiring surgery) which may not be caused by hypertension. I do not feel any chest pain all this while and never admitted to a hospital due to hypertension . It was just a routine medical check up when the doctor found out that I have a blockage in my arteries after performing CT Scan and angiogram. But, all this while, I was never had any treatment for chest pain whatsoever. Thus, I do not need to declare that I need medical care. (The proposal in the original application did not mention whether I need to declare that I have a high blood pressure but the question was whether I have ever received medical care due to certain ailments etc) 2) Over half of the people are not aware that they have hypertension. The high blood pressure does not necessary means that it is always high. It can varies by changing healthy lifestyle etc. It is not something like dialysis where proper medical cares is needed. Thus, is not a good excuse to use hypertension to deny people from claiming from their insurance. 3) The agent should be able to help the insured to give a proper declaration. If they do that, I think prudential will close shop because most of them have some kind of medical problems and high blood pressure is already a common problem in Malaysia and the rest of the world. 4) If Prudential thinks that I should declare I have hypertension, than it is fair Prudential should request all potential insurers to have a medical check up before obtaining the policy. This is a fair request to ensure that the insured can make insurance claim after a long time of paying for the premium. We do not want to have a situation where at the end of the day, we cannot claim due to improper declaration, which may be caused by the agent or other things. At this point of time, when the insured is already ill, he only cannot claim but also cannot get coverage from other insurance companies. 5) Prudential tries to give all kind of reasons for not paying the insurance as promised. This is just like taking our money, invest it somewhere else and return it back to us at face value if necessary without any interest whatsoever. They purposely let you pay the premium first without further investigating your health condition. Later on when you want to claim, they rejected your application. This is done purposely because they can use your money to invest somewhere else. What a disgrace….. Prudential has offered me to extend my coverage by putting a loading on my premium for RM415.00 per month. Even with this increase in premium, I may not be able to claim and the chances that I get the claim is 50-50. The crisis shield cover is only RM 10,000.00. The question is why I should pay for something that I cannot claim????.. Due to this I am asking Prudential to refund all my monies. The damage has already been done because they are investigating after I had already felt ill and not eligible to take up insurance from other insurance companies. So, Bank Negara to take note of this practises by the insurance companies. Prior to taking up this medical insurance, I have made enquiries and found out that Prudential is the best insurance company in term of efficiency and services. I am testing the ground to claim for crisis shield cover even though it is only RM10,000.00 and I have already put in my money through insurance premium more than RM 16,000 for the past four years without fail. I am comtemplating of obtaining medical insurance for my wife and 3 kids with Prudential but now with this new turn, I would rather think twice to take up insurance coverage. So guys, be careful and think twice before taking up insurance policy. You may end up paying more or not able to claim due to the insurance companies manipulating your monies and give various excuses for not paying you insurance monies. When you get ill, you are no longer eligible to obtain insurance from other insurance companies.

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