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Dear  friends in Melaka area,
Just to inform that Allianz has just launched a programme called Allianz PREMIERLINK which offers RM1,000,000 Life / TPD coverage from RM300/ month only. (Estimated based on 35 year old male/ female).

The best part is no medical check up is required if you are below 50- year of age.

Call me at 0123700352 if you need more information.

Zainal Abidin Ahmad

Jumaat, 12 Jun 2015

Prudential cheats

Prudential BSN Takaful is cheating customer Eventhough they agreed to return all the payment made to them, still they have already use our money to invest for the 4 years period amounting to RM17,400.00. Prudential oh Prudential The IJN doctor has stated in the claim form that I had a hypertension since 1995 Prudential had asked me to forward a form to the Doctor that treated me in 1995 By the way the doctor was not there anymore as it was already 17 years ago So, the present doctor verify that I took medication since then Due to that, Prudential claimed that I did not declare that I had hypertension in my proposal. Hey, wait a minute. The question was never raised by their agent when signing me up.

Prudential never bother to check the accuracy of the proposal. They are interested in getting my money for 4 years and on monthly basis, I thought I was adequately covered.  But instead, they try to find all kind of reasons not to pay me even if their agent is at fault.

Consequences,  I was not able to find other insurance to cover me as I have already had medical history.

Prudential cheat

Having contribute for Prudential BSN Takaful Medical Card for 4 years, I claimed for critical illness after  CABGS from Prudential.

The doctor reported that I had hypertension since 1995.

After seeing the report, Prudential asked me to obtain the Doctor's report when I first diagnosed having hypertension. That was way back in 1995.

I called Klinik Bandar but the Doctor was not around any more.

Then I requested a Doctor that attend to me in 1997 to write the report.

What I am complaining is that Prudential use the 1997 Doctor's Report to pin me stating that I did not declare my health when I first took the insurance. Honesty doesn't pay, isn't it.  

The agent did not show me the health declaration form.  I assumed that he marked the report himself without my knowledge just to get his commission.  Secondly, Prudential did not even check with me whether the declaration is true or not. (Just like the bank verify those apply for personal loan to ensure the applicant is a genuine applicant)

By rejecting my claim and terminate my policy, Prudential has shut the door on me to apply for other medical cards because it is now too late.

Pos Laju - Please Beef Up Your Services


The Truth About Pos Malaysia

I had the opportunity to wait for an hour just to get my parcel at the Pos Laju counter of the KK Post Office last week. It’s not my first experience, but it was an eye-opener.
There is a serious lack of team-work or a serious love of bureaucracy at that place.
First, there were more than 20 customers waiting to get their parcel. Then, there was only 1 staff on duty at the collection counter. That poor chap had to handle inquiries, confirm status of parcels in the system before requesting for the parcel from the ‘back room‘, get to the ‘back room’ to get the parcels, hand over the parcels to the customers and also receive complaints.
Usually there’s another lady working with him, but I guess she was on leave or something. I sympathize with him because almost all undelivered pos laju parcels in KK have to be collected from that counter, so you can imagine the number of customers that he had to attend to everyday.

On the other hand, there were almost no customer at the receiving counter.

I guess that’s because people prefer to post their pos laju at other mini-post offices – easier parking and less crowded. With so much time on my hands (I had to wait almost 1 hour to get my stuff), I can’t help but listen to the chit chats of the 2 staff at the receiving counter.

They had so little to do and yet they didn’t even bother to help their obviously swamped colleague.

There were absolutely no spirit of teamwork. They could have helped to get the parcels from the ‘back room’. Or they could assist with tracking customers’ inquiry.
But they didn’t. They let their colleague suffer alone.
I also get to listen to the customers’ grouses.
Among them:
  1. The Pos Laju van does not wait long enough for people to get to their gates. Imagine if the only person in the house is an elderly, who cannot rush to the door immediately upon their honking or ringing of the doorbell – they’ll have to visit the Post Office.
  2. Pos Laju delivery staff does not try hard enough to locate an address – one customer has her office at Asia City (about 10 minute-walk from the Post Office), but the Pos Laju staff said that he couldn’t locate the address.
  3. Sometimes, Pos Laju staff doesn’t even go to some addresses – that’s why customers sometimes don’t even get the Notification slip although tracking may state ‘Unsuccessful Delivery’. So, don’t try to send a secret admirer Surprise’ gifts using Pos Laju – it may never reach the addressee, and the addressee may never know about it.
  4. And many more unpleasant stories….
I don’t think the customers were lying. And you can’t blame them – some had to leave their seats to renew their parking coupon.
In my humble opinion, Pos Malaysia need to better manage their manpower. Honestly, how do they monitor their staff when they are on the road? They also must train their staff to have teamwork, to support each other in the interest of the organization.
These are challenging times – some of their services are becoming almost obsolete and their competition is giving better services.
I do love Pos Malaysia – they’ve been around for so long and have given us so much, so I hope Pos Malaysia will improve themselves, prosper and stay on.

– Pos Laju – Please Beef Up Your Services Pos Malaysia!

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