Ahad, 11 Disember 2016

SIGNS OF A MUNAFIQ (HYPOCRITE) It is narrated from Hazrat Abu Huraira that the Beloved Rasool said: 

There are three signs of a Munafiq (hypocrite). When he talks, he lies; When he makes a promise, he does not fulfil it, and when something is given to him in trust, he violates this trust.

 About the Narrator Hazrat Abu Hurairah is a well known companion of the Prophet . Narrations explain that he was known as Abu Hurairah (Father of Kittens), because he always kept a kitten with him. One narration says that once he had a kitten in his sleeve and the Prophet saw this and called him Abu Hurairah. He spent all or most of his time in the Court of Rasoolullah . His mother was against Islam initially, but later accepted Islam through the Dua of Rasoolullah . From Amongst the Sahaba-e-Kiraam, the most Ahadith are narrated from him. Initially, he had a very weak memory. He informed the Prophet of this. Rasoolullah asked him to place his shawl on the ground. The Prophet then placed his hands into his shawl twice and asked him to place the shawl to his chest. From this day on, he never forgot any Hadith. He narrated about 5374 Ahadith of which 305 have been recorded by both Bukhari and Muslim. Even though he spent most of his time learning Hadith, He prayed 1000 Raka’ats of nafil daily. He always made the following Dua, O Allah, I ask refuge from the year 60 Hijri and the rule of boys. His dua was accepted and he passed away in the year 59 Hijri, one year before the rule of Yazeed Paleed. 

Brief Explanation of The Hadith This Hadith clearly explains the signs of a hypocrite. It shows that one who is a hypocrite will definitely have these signs in him or her. It must be noted that hypocrisy is generally in two categories. The first is called Nifaaq fil Itiqaad (Hypocrisy in faith) This is when a person claims to be a Muslim, yet he has kufr in his heart. The second type is called Nifaaq fil Amal (Hypocrisy in Deeds) In other words, this type is when one does that which is contrary to the stature of a Muslim. This is hypocrisy, such as the three signs mentioned in the Hadith. It is for this reason that it is said that a Munafiq can never be trusted. The most dangerous people are those who are hypocrites in faith. Those who claim to be believers yet try to destroy the Imaan of the True Muslims from within. There were even such people in the Glorious Era of the Beloved Rasool and Rasoolullah unveiled them and made it clear that we should disassociate ourselves from such people. The companionship of munafiqs, like the deviates of this era, is absolutely detrimental. 

We should make it our duty to keep ourselves and our families away from them, so that they may no plunge us into fitna and fasaad. Allah Protect us from the hypocrisy and the mischief of the hypocrites! Aameen 

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Bawang Puteh Bawang Merah

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