Jumaat, 12 Jun 2015

Prudential cheats

Prudential BSN Takaful is cheating customer Eventhough they agreed to return all the payment made to them, still they have already use our money to invest for the 4 years period amounting to RM17,400.00. Prudential oh Prudential The IJN doctor has stated in the claim form that I had a hypertension since 1995 Prudential had asked me to forward a form to the Doctor that treated me in 1995 By the way the doctor was not there anymore as it was already 17 years ago So, the present doctor verify that I took medication since then Due to that, Prudential claimed that I did not declare that I had hypertension in my proposal. Hey, wait a minute. The question was never raised by their agent when signing me up.

Prudential never bother to check the accuracy of the proposal. They are interested in getting my money for 4 years and on monthly basis, I thought I was adequately covered.  But instead, they try to find all kind of reasons not to pay me even if their agent is at fault.

Consequences,  I was not able to find other insurance to cover me as I have already had medical history.

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